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Stephanie Virchaux in video sharing about her business SV Empowerment


your archetype

When it comes to leadership, you have the ability to see the whole and complete pictures.


Bringing together the vision, objectives, strategy and the players needed to bring it to life is your gift.


You see life as a game of chess: you’re building, achieving and playing at the same time. When it comes to spirituality, you are an empath who can easily tune in to the subtle energy of the universe.


You feel deeply connected to nature and are highly perceptive to the energy in your environment. You are determined to make things happen (and you do!)

your game plan

Bridging the gap between your leadership (ambition and determination) and spirituality (empathetic and sensitive nature) can feel really challenging for you.


There is a place that you, my dear shaman, can create where all parts of you beautifully exist, flow and align.


You have the capacity within you to create this world. Start experimenting with both ideals so you can build the bridge and close the gap.


This integration will be deeply healing to yourself and the world.

thriving as The Shaman

As an spiritual leadership coach, I've worked with incredible leaders such as yourself who want to continue thriving as a leader while honoring their spirituality.

Fill out the form below and schedule a call with Stéphanie where you'll learn more about spiritual leadership coaching and see if this is exactly what you need to fully embody the magic within you and thrive as The Shaman!

you'll fill  out a discovery form and get a link to book a call

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Hi! I'm Stéphanie

I am a Swiss-Venezuelan intuitive, spiritual teacher and certified coach.

My mission is to empower women to be the powerhouses they know they are by using EFT Tapping & connecting with their spirituality


“Within the first 2 sessions, Stéphanie allowed me to see the patterns within myself that needed re-framing. Stéphanie has very deliberate attention that is wrapped in a joyful infectious energy that makes you want to run out and present the newly-discovered 'you' to the world" - Erica P

"After years of working in corporate and getting results that did not click, I highly recommend working with Stéphanie. She is an awesome life coach that stands out in getting things back on track in a time where our brains get overcrowded with noise and mixed priorities." Andre 

"Stéphanie is a miracle worker!

Within the 3 months that I was her coaching client, my anxiety subsided, my confidence blossomed & I finally learned to trust my intuition" - Jenn B

"Stéphanie is my go-to spiritual teacher. I manage a team of 7 and as highly ambitious and determined executive, I was having a hard time embracing my spirituality at work. Working with Stéphanie, I finally learned to listen to my intuition, bring my gifts to work and I've never felt more fulfilled in who I am" Katie M

follow your intuition, joyfully create your dreams, impact the world and confidently
step into your natural brilliance

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