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Welcome to the Spirit + Soul Connection!

A community inspired by YOU with the mission to bring all the positive + inspiring aspects of coaching and energy healing in one place.  


>> A place where you will feel uplifted and cared for and where you can express your feelings freely

>> A place where you can envision a future that you only dreamt about

>> A place where you have the structure and support to start each month off with a clear picture of where you want to go and what you want to accomplish

>> A place to get aligned and have the tools to be and feel like the best version of yourself

>> A place you go to say your fears aloud and then have support to go face your fears.



You already got your physical wellness covered...

BUT what about your Spiritual Wellness?

You already have your physical wellness community like your blow dry bar, your local spa, your favorite gym to reset & re-charge your physical body.

But what about taking care of you from within?


How do you truly fill up from within?

Spirit + Soul Connection is your community for your spiritual wellness.

Your monthly go-to space to refill your own cup spiritually. To re-connect with your soul's desires and to feel uplifted and re-charged.

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Spirit + Soul Connection is a monthly membership is unlike any others you’ve seen before & dare I say, experienced before.


I am all about monthly memberships {blow-dry/nails/spa/gym} and even the network memberships are fantastic but this is a bit different & I’d love to share with you why… 


This monthly membership is about your spiritual journey, how to get in touch with your intuition, how you can use your energy towards your goals while getting guidance from your spiritual guides & Angels.

It's about discovering & honoring what your soul wants and needs. Learning how to follow your own intuition and feeling confident in your own skin. 

"The moment Stephanie stepped into my apartment I felt a burst of positive energy flow through the whole place. From that moment - she had my attention. She made me feel comfortable and held my hand throughout the entire process." -Jay Kim

The Spirit + Soul Connection Memberships includes 2 key areas that touch upon the personal journey & community support that allows for growth in a safe + uplifting space

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Up to $155 Value

60 minutes

What's a spiritual session?

On a monthly basis, we will work together 1:1. In this session, we'll reset your energy, connect with your spirit guides + get clarity on any conflict you might be experiencing. 


> This session will help you release any lower toxic energy you might be holding onto

> Think about it like a massage but for your inner-being!

> Feel lighter, more focused and peaceful from the inside out

How does it work?

You have 2 options to pick from for our private session. You have the choice to schedule either of the sessions below:

> Angel Reading: This is where we'll connect with your Angels & Spirit Guides and you can ask any questions you want guidance on.

Read more details here.

> Energy & Chakra Balance: I'll balance your energy centers (chakras) and clear your energy field. If you're feeling tired, confused and a little off, this is for you! You can read more details here.

*Both sessions are done remote.

Private Spiritua Session {Membership}

"Stéphanie is truly an enlightened soul, the messages were so intimate, true and revealing.  From that point, I knew she was a gifted channeler. I'm so lucky to have had this experience. I hope all can experience her gifts of abundant light, love, and spiritual awakenings." -Melissa Lebb



$25 Value

90 minutes

Why the New Moon?

New Moon marks the beginning of the moon phases! It's the perfect time to plant new desires and to leverage the energy of the moon to begin fresh! 


What's the gathering all about?

The reason of the gathering is pure magic. When a group of people gathers together with the same intention, there's a power behind the intention that ignites our own inner power. Every month we’ll re-evaluate your energy, set your intentions, clear your energy & get you ready for the new month! 

In this gathering, we'll use the energy of the New Moon to clear our energy, release what no longer serves us and plant our wishes for the upcoming month. 

Where is it?
For those of you who are in NYC, we will meeting in person! Most likely, we'll meet every month at The Yoga Collective! The cutest little studio in Flatiron. For those of who that don't live in the city, I'll share the call live via Zoom so you'll be able to join no matter where in the world you live! All of the gatherings are recorded so you can always listen in afterwards.

Special Bonus!

The gathering is $25 but when you have the Spirit + Soul Connection, it's included in the membership price. If you bring a friend, they get $5 off the ticket! So they can come and join us as well! 

New Moon Circle {Membership}

Another membership? 

Check out if this is for you or not

It's a personal decision & it really depends where you are in your journey.


Joining this membership, you will get to strengthen your connection with yourself and your intuition but also to connect with a community of wonderful people that are like-minded and experiencing a similar journey to you!


This is for you if...

>> You are seeking to strengthen your intuition


>> You are open and want to receive guidance from your Angels & Spirit Guides.


>> If you want to have more intent behind your energy, your actions on a monthly basis


>> You are looking for a way to shake off the winter blues


>> You feel stuck, unmotivated or blasé and you’re ready to take your life back

>> You love anything & all aspects of Spirituality, Consciousness, Intuition & connecting with your Spirit Guides and Angels.

>> You want to get monthly guidance from your Angels & Spirit Guides


>> You consider yourself to be sensitive to energies around you

>> You are obsessed about learning more how your intuition works and want to strengthen it.

>> You are on a self-discovery journey and are unsure which path to go.

>> You love connecting to other spiritual beings

This is not for you if you don't resonate with any of the above.

"New Moon Circle was incredible! I learned so much, the energy was magical & Stephanie is truly a gifted spiritual teacher! I cannot wait for next month's! This is officially part of my spiritual wellness practice!" 

"I had a moment where all the thoughts I had been having were confirmed, I realized that I just needed to keep taking small steps forward.  If you ever feel stuck, overwhelmed or just in need of a little motivation, an Angel Card reading with Steph will give you the guidance that you're seeking" - Melody Fund 

How does the membership work?

Think of it like your monthly spiritual tune-up! Just like you take care of your physical body through working out, blow-drys or getting a manicure, this is the same but for your spirit + soul!

Note: If you are in NYC, you can come and join us live for the New Moon Circle , if you're not you'll have access to the livestream.

"Stephanie has a gift for understanding people and getting a sense of their energy. I walked away impressed by her and the impact she had on me in a short period." -Jason Seo

Spirit + Soul Connection

 Monthly Investment

This amazing Spiritual + Intuitive Membership is $88/month!


No commitment. You can cancel at anytime.

For less than the cost of a new pair of shoes, a new outfit or a brunch, you get: 

>> A private spiritual session to help you reset your energy, re-charge your soul, connect with your intuition + get clarity and guidance from your Angels & Spirit Guides! Normally, I charged over $100 for these sessions! 

>> New Moon Circles! Tap into the energy of the New Moon, surround yourself with people that are just like you! People that want to connect with each while growing spiritually! Whether you're just beginning your journey or have been at it for a while, it doesn't matter! 

Why $88 and not $85 or a more common number?

I want to start by sharing that I run my successful business from a very aligned place and heart-centered. When I first started my business, I came from 10+ year career in corporate as a Marketer. Where prices were established based on pure logic and research but completely disregard intuition and heart of the business.

When I started my business, the programs and services that I offered followed a very corporate approach. A few months into it, I realized some things needed to change ASAP. The first executive order was heart first, logic second. Yup, you heard it. Ever since then, my business has continued to grow and grow.

So $88 is founded on both intuition and Angelic guidance. I always ask for signs to validate my intuition & I got it with this one! So I am psyched to share with you the meaning of 88.


The number 88 is all about inner-wisdom, wealth, abundance & infinity. 

So there is! In addition of this membership having an AMAZING VALUE for you, since I offer these sessions for over $100, I picked this number based on very personal and spiritual-based reasons! There is divine energy all within the Spirit + Soul Connection! So what do you say? Are you in?

Yes! I want to sign up!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum commitment?

No, this is month to to month membership and you can cancel at anytime. 

I've never done chakra work but super curious, can I still join?

Yes! This is for all levels and anyone will benefit from it. 

What are Angel Card readings?

Check out more details here

Do you offer refunds?

No, but you are able to cancel this membership at anytime.

"I've worked with Steph in all kinds of situations, from clearing energy from new homes I've moved to with my family, to asking guidance from my Angels and I couldn't imagine my days without Steph! She's the absolute best to work with! I mean, we all have enough going on in our lives, a little love & peace is just what the we all need!" -Vanessa A.

Yes! I'm ready!

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