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Have you ever wondered about your intuition?

What does it feel like? What does it sound like?

Have you ever wondered if you're ignoring your intuition?

In the latest weekly segment I share all about intuition. I've been fascinated by my own intuition and over the years I've strengthen it and really understood how it works and what happens when I ignore it.

It's different for everyone but the feeling of knowing is the same. In other words, when we ignore our intuition it never feels good. On the other hand, when we listen to it, it always leads us to the right path for us.

In this episode, you will learn:

>> How to listen to your intuition

>> How to tell if you've been ignoring your intuition

>> An exercise that you can do to talk to your intuition in those moments when making a decision seems impossible & you're unsure which direction to go.

PLUS 3 crystals that you can start using today to help you develop your intuition and strengthen your communication with the universe.

Live the light, spread the light, be the light.



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