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The reason being is that every level of expansion, growth, success requires a new level of us. This comes with uncertainty since we've never experienced that part of us before and we don't know what to expect from it.

Every level of success requires a shift in our behaviors and patterns, am I right? A new level of success, will require a new level of YOU!

June 3, 2020 2020 IMPACT YOUR LIFE. YOUR TERMS - THE BRAVERY TO SHOW UP What can 5 women, from 5 different races, & 5 different perspectives teach us about how to have hard conversations? What does talking about bravery, taking risks, and being vulnerable have to do w...

Less than 6 months ago, I experienced what most would consider a tragedy...

As I've gotten older, my journal entries no longer start with "today, my crush smiled at me!" or "I cannot believe that Alex is dating that girl! WTF!" lol I rarely use my journal to keep a historical database of my most embarrassing tales; inst...

Did you know we are composed of 4 bodies? Creating our own sanctuary is based on honoring our 4 bodies and keeping them in balance.

Miracle mornings is meant to create more of that you wish to bring into your life. We've all heard the truth that says: where your attention goes, your energy flows, right? Read on to learn how to create your own miracle life!

We're more willing to stay uncomfortable, avoid a subject, be in pain and just allow for the situation to continue without taking action. We let it build up like a pile of dirty laundry...

It seems that the more the world awakens, the more we find ourselves questioning our lives, our jobs, not knowing what to do with all the internal noise leaving us feeling lost on how to go about figuring it all out. So where do we start?

A guided meditation that focuses on: Clearing any stuck/stagnant energy Forgiving past experiences that you're still holding onto Releasing any anger from the past Forgive those who have hurt you and open up space for new beginnings

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